--We sell and service

Jen-Ken Kilns

We are distributors for Skutt products & equipment.

​--We also service other kilns and pottery wheels which no longer have a warranty...any brand.

--Pottery wheels

--Slab rollers


--We carry a full spectrum of ceramic and pottery tools including Kemper, Xiem and 


​MKM Pottery Tools - AKC is now a distributor for MKM Tools.

Giffin Grip, Banding Wheels, etc.


--We can provide molds from a number of suppliers to include...

--Alberta---Byron/Nowell--Clay Magic --Creative Paradise --Crest --Doc Holiday/Kentucky Pottery--Duncan ---Riverview --- Petro --- Scioto --Starlite --- Wagon Wheel as well as many others.

Additionally, we stock some of the raw materials needed to produce your own glazes in house. We also carry some dry glazes. If there is a specific product you need, please let know and we will order it for you.


--Brushes from Mayco, Royal,

  Bruce Locke

Non-fired Products

--Distributor for full line of

​   Duncan acrylics.

Fired Products

--Distributor for full line

  of Underglazes, Glazes and

  High Fire Glazes from Mayco

​--Distributor for full line of Coyote Glazes.

--We are distributors for Amaco and carry Potters Choice, Celadons, 

Shinos and Velvet Underglazes.

--We now carry Opulence Glazes


Clays & Slip

--Armadillo clay

​and white casting slip

 Cone 04

  Longhorn White
  Longhorn White w/ Grog
  Longhorn Red
  Longhorn Red w/ Grog
Cone 5/6
  Cinco Blanco
  Buffalo Wallow

  Buffalo Wallow w/ Grog

​​--Laguna Clays,

Stoneware Slip and glazes.

Cone 04/06

  EM210 - White

Cone 5/6
  WC401 - B-Mix
  WC403 - Speckled Buff

  WC408 - Speckled B-Mix
  WC436 - B-Mix w/ Grog
​  WC606 - Speckled Tan
  WC607 - Buff

  WC608 - #60
  WC611 - Brown

  WC617 - Porcelain

  WC953 - Max's Paper CLay
​Cone 10

  WC379 - B-Mix

  WC391 - B3 Brown

  WC629 - Low Sulphur
  WC631 - Porcelian w/ Grolleg
​  WC843 - Soldate 60

  WC893 - B-Mix w/ Grog

  WC953 - Max's Paper Clay
​We can order any clay you may need!

We're All About Fun!

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