AlleyKat ceramics

We're All About Fun!


--We sell and service Jen-Ken Kilns

​--We also service other kilns which no longer have a warranty, i.e. Skutt, Paragon, Blue Diamond, etc.

--Pottery wheels

--Slab rollers


--We carry a full spectrum of ceramic and pottery tools including Kemper and Xiem

​MKM Pottery Tools - AKC is now a distributor for MKM Tools.


--We can provide molds from a number of suppliers to include...

--Alberta --Atlantic --Boothe --Byron --Clay Magic --Creative Paradise --Crest --Doc Holiday/Kentucky Pottery--Duncan --Macky --Scioto --Starlite as well as many others.


--Brushes from Mayco, Royal,

  Bruce Locke

Non-fired Products

--Distributor for full line of

​   Doc Holliday acrylics.

Fired Products

--Distributor for full line

  of Underglazes, Glazes and

  High Fire Glazes from Mayco

​--Distributor for full line

  of Coyote Glazes.

--We also carry a selection

  of Duncan Products. ​​

Clays & Slip

--Armadillo clay & slip