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Sailboat & Lighthouse Scene

We are pleased to announce that LIONEL CLARK has joined AlleyKat Ceramics as our pottery tinstructor.  A little back story on our chance meeting.  He and his wife, Katrina, stopped by one day to see what we offered.  After we toured the studio, I told them of my previous pottery instructor who was awarded an apprenticeship in North Carolina.  I said to them that it was bittersweet losing Jacob but I knew the experience he would gain would be an absolute asset to furthering his career.  I told Lionel I was searching for a pottery instructor and Lionel extended his hand to shake mine and said "well, you found one if you want one".  I have seen his work and we are so excited to have someone with his creditials teaching at AlleyKat Ceramics.  

Please call the studio to sign up for Lionel's classes beginning August 14 (evenings) and August 18 (mornings).

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